Global Forest Information Systems: Challenges in Data, Ontology, and Information Technology
Prof. Fred Fonseca (Penn State, EUA)

22 de julho de 2011 (sexta-feira), 09:00, Pavilhão Morton Mariz

The preservation of the world’s rain forests is one of the major environmental challenges of our generation. Rain forests are home to a large portion of the world’s biodiversity, and play a major role in climate regulation and in the hydrological cycle. Despite their richness and their ecological services, large areas of the world’s rain forests are under increasing pressure of deforestation caused by human action. This presentation aims at discussing the challenges for the creation of a Global Forest Information System, a system based on the Web and using a cooperative approach to make a significant contribution to the preservation of the world’s rain forests. The concept for a Global Forest Information System goes along the lines of an enhanced “Digital Earth” concept. The Digital Earth metaphor can become much more than what today’s virtual globes provide, and work as a large-scale repository of data, services, and models that can be discovered and used by the multiple actors involved in rainforest monitoring. We envision a Web application that can augment the capacity of rainforest nations to estimate and monitor deforestation and monitor by making essential data and models easily available. The key objective is to enable cooperation and participation from the various actors involved, notably scientists, policy makers, and common citizens. Content as distinct as satellite images, spatial data infrastructures, geobrowsers, research data, laws and policies, and citizen-provided information can be indexed, searched, discovered and used by all interested parties.